Moreton Island Attractions

Moreton Island is home to a diverse range of wildlife and vegetation with approximately 95% of the island declared a National Park. Some of the most beautiful freshwater lakes, coloured sands and rugged cliffs are located throughout Moreton Island. Swimmers can enjoy a dip in any of the beaches, however Honeymoon Bay or the western beach are favourite sheltered areas to enjoy the waters. With the crystal clear waters, historical sites and the majority of the island consisting of sand and the wildlife habitat communities, the activities and attractions on offer are endless.

Mount Tempest

The sand dunes at Moreton Island are one of the more striking features, with Mount Tempest considered the highest coastal sand dune in the world at 285 metres above sea level. The walk to the top can be challenging, but the breathtaking 360 degree views make it all worthwhile. See the coastline from the Sunshine Coast in the north across to Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the south.

Sand Tobogganing

One of the most exhilarating activities is sand tobogganing or sand surfing. There are a number of places where this can be experienced including Small Sand Hills, Big Sand Hills and The Desert. Experience the thrill of a lifetime while propelling yourself down the sand dune on a specially made sand board with a waxed bottom. For the thrill seekers, stand on the sand boards and attempt to ride or surf to the bottom.

Tangalooma Wrecks

One of the most famous landmarks on Moreton Island is the Tangalooma Wrecks. Fifteen vessels were deliberately sunk to form a breakwall for small boats and a wreck dive and snorkel site. Snorkelling and scuba diving at this site is an amazing experience. The crystal clear waters provide fantastic visibility to view marine life such as wobbegongs, trevally, kingfish yellowtail and an array of tropical fish.

Cape Moreton Lighthouse

Situated at the north end of the island on rocky Cape Moreton, is the oldest operating lighthouse in Queensland. The 23 metre high lighthouse was erected in 1857 by tradesmen and prisoners. The 360 degree uninterrupted views of Moreton Island are simply amazing. Dolphins, whales (in season), manta rays, dugongs and turtles can be viewed from this area. For a great source of island history, visit the Moreton Island National Park Information Centre which is located near the lighthouse.

Dolphin Feeding

Hand feeding wild dolphins is a once in a lifetime opportunity and gives guests the chance to personally interact in their natural environment off the beach. If you prefer not to get in the water, watching the experience from the jetty gives you a birds-eye view of the dolphins entering the feeding area, swimming around and taking fish right out of the hand of the feeders.

Whale Watching

For an up close and personal experience of the natural beauty and power of whales, take a day cruise to see the whales salute with their flippers, splash their powerful tails and take a leap out of the ocean. This amazing experience is sometimes no further than an arms length from the boat.

Sand tobogganing Dolphin Feeding Dolphin Feeding Dolphin Feeding Whale Watching Whale