Moreton Island Weather

With a tropical climate all year round, Tangalooma on Moreton Island has an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius in the summer months (November through to January). During winter (May to July), the average temperature tends to reach 20 degrees Celsius.

Best weather for camping

Consider tides when camping on Moreton Island, they can affect your trails in and around the island. They will also dictate your arrival and departure times. Camping on Moreton Island is superb all year round. Among the untamed wilderness, it's a beautiful place to spend the night and totally unique to the region. When taking your 4WD on Moreton Island, make sure you have sufficient experience to safely tour the island.

Best weather for surfing

Thanks to the tropical weather, surfing on Moreton Island is highly recommended all year around. Make your way through to North Point, Boulders, Taylor Bight or the Surfside for peak conditions. Make sure to watch out for hidden rocks and boulders and always check weather conditions before heading out, it can be windy. Also note that Moreton Bay beaches are not patrolled.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Moreton Island is during the Summer to Autumn period. Guaranteed blue skies and warm weather each day, the water is warm and the perfect temperature for swimming. If you're hoping to spend your time on the island snorkelling and swimming, you're likely to see the most tropical fish and wildlife during this period. However, due to its tropical climate, Moreton Island is still stunning in winter. The water does not cool down too drastically, so you can still comfortably swim through from May to July.

For all current updates on Moreton Island weather (including the wind forecast and tide times), refer to BOM's Moreton Island Weather page.